Social Action Within The Community

Day 1

I was away when we started the project

Day 2

I joined a team with Ian and we looked over the concepts which he had written down, we then rewrote them in order of which we thought was attainable, we went through a though process of what we thought would benefit the wider community.

Day 3

We decided on contacting Onepoto Primary School about the plan to build a vege garden for them. Marc (the principle) contacted us the same day saying that he would love to hear more and would present it to the BOT

Social Action Within The Community


Macbeth : My first impression of Macbeth was that he was noble and a man who fought for his King, with the progression of Act 1 my opinion changed, once Lady Macbeth was introduced into the play Macbeth’s attitude changed, he was no longer a man of honour. He became cowardly in his wife’s shadow.

Banquo : My first impression of Banquo was that he was a great friend to Macbeth, Banquo’s personality is kind during Act 1, yet I feel like there is more to him than he is leading on. He seems to speak his mind

Lady Macbeth : Lady Macbeth seemed to be joyful when she heard of her husbands new title of Thane of Cawdor however she was quick to make the choice to kill the King. Lady Macbeth has many similarities to the witches. She calls on evil and darkness like the witches do. I feel like Lady Macbeth will be at the root of a lot of trouble trough out the play


SMART Goal | Blogs

Week 1

17th Wednesday • June
– Today I had physiotherapy and discussed my new exercise routine and make sure that I was going them correctly. Since I started them on Monday I have already experienced pain with movement, I am not sure if it will affect my exercise through the week.

19th Friday • June
– Yesterday I was unable to do my exercises as my back was sore and I had trouble moving. Today I had physiotherapy which helped to improve my back. I have began sleeping with a wheat under my back.

21st Sunday • June
– This is the end to the first week of my SMART goal and I have already had issues with movement which have prevented me doing my exercises yesterday which is the second say this week. Movement has also been an issue for me this week therefore I have decided to change my exercise plan.

– This week I feel as though I have done well with completing regular exercise with the exception of the two days missed.

Week 2

24th Wednesday • June
– I have decided to delegate Wednesday’s and Saturdays for days of rest as I think it will help with the pain. I had physiotherapy appointment yesterday and I felt as though it had made an improvement. I completed exercise on Monday and Tuesday’s with no difficulty.

26th Friday • June
– Doing the exercises has already made a small difference however yesterday I had an appointment scheduled with TBI ( The Back institute ). There is no further nerve damage however they decided that because I have been experiencing discomfort and had trouble with movement that a CT Guided Hydrocortisone Epidural would help and relieve the pressure resulting in more movement, however it does mean I can not do my SMART goal or any other exercise for 7 days.

28th Sunday • June
– Today I stayed in bed and recovered so I will be able to go to school to,or row | No exercise.

– This week my barriers have been having the CT guided HE which have prevented me from regular exercise and activity.

Week 3

1st Wednesday • July
– I am still unable to complete the regular exercise plan, however I have been doing ten minute walks on the treadmill on a low speed at home.

2nd Thursday • July
– Today I went for a twenty minute walk on the treadmill and began my stretches but was unable to finish them because I was sore. I feel that tomorrow I will feel better after physiotherapy.

4th Saturday • July
– Yesterday I had physiotherapy and was given the all clear to be able to return to regular exercise and daily movement. Instead of today being a ‘break’ I decided to try different stretches that my physio recommended.

– This week has been difficult and I am disappointed that I have not achieved my SMART goal this week.

Week 4

19th Sunday • July
– During the holidays I tried to keep up regular exercise however with traveling my back became aggravated and that caused discomfort which prevented my from completing my SMART goal.

22nd Wednesday • July
– Today I missed my physiotherapy appointment as my friends and I went out to dinner, exercising Monday and Tuesday has not caused discomfort.

25th Saturday • July
– Today I went for a walk through the local park and came home and completed my exercises, I had no issues completing the exercises on Thursday and Friday. I have noticed that daily exercise has become easier and is now less strain on my back.

– This week has been the easiest week with completing my SMART goal, it has most defiantly improved my back.

SMART Goal | Blogs