The Blindside | Reflection

I enjoyed this movie because it was about a true story so it was about actual events and actual people and their relationships with one another so it made the movie easier to understand, also even though the events may not of happened to the people watching the film the theme is still relatable to everyone in some way or another. This is one of the reasons I think this film is studied in class. Students are able to see these things from Michael’s point of view, it is easier to write about a film when you already have some sort of understanding. The theme that I related to best was the friendships. Through out the movie Michael gains more friends but to make room for these new friends he must get rid of the people who bring him down and have a negative influence on him. The friends that Michael makes through out the movie are people who support and encourage him wether it be with school work or his sports Michael has people who he can now rely on.

The Blindside | Reflection

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