Macbeth : My first impression of Macbeth was that he was noble and a man who fought for his King, with the progression of Act 1 my opinion changed, once Lady Macbeth was introduced into the play Macbeth’s attitude changed, he was no longer a man of honour. He became cowardly in his wife’s shadow.

Banquo : My first impression of Banquo was that he was a great friend to Macbeth, Banquo’s personality is kind during Act 1, yet I feel like there is more to him than he is leading on. He seems to speak his mind

Lady Macbeth : Lady Macbeth seemed to be joyful when she heard of her husbands new title of Thane of Cawdor however she was quick to make the choice to kill the King. Lady Macbeth has many similarities to the witches. She calls on evil and darkness like the witches do. I feel like Lady Macbeth will be at the root of a lot of trouble trough out the play


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